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Sustainable Fashion Label: Brand Identity Design

People Of Leisure are not just about clothing; they create timeless, staple fashion pieces that are all about curating an attitude, a vibe, and a lifestyle that's uniquely you. 

This eco-conscious 'kind-brand' wanted to create a brand identity that lets it's audience know that clothing is not just something you wear, but a part of who you are.

I created an updated logo for People Of Leisure, utilising a modern, sans serif font with a cool, minimal yet friendly style. This is accompanied by a recognisable set of brand icons and an earthy, organic and bold colour palette.

A collection of laid-back stationery and packaging accompanies the project, for use alongside the e-commerce store. This includes garment tags & labels, mailer boxers and postcards in natural materials like cotton & hemp, and printed on recycled paper.

Bold statement slogans were added to the brand identity to shout about that Brand's ethos and roots:

From L.A. with Love "Our roots are firmly planted in the vibrant streets of LA, where creativity and individuality reign supreme. This city is more than just a backdrop; it's the pulse that fuels our designs, the rhythm that guides our craftsmanship."

For People and the Planet: "Our commitment to the planet is as solid as your favorite pair of jeans. We dance to a sustainable rhythm, crafting our pieces from reclaimed deadstock fabrics, low impact cotton and organic fibres and committing to zero-sweat, living wages. Each stitch, each design, is a step towards a greener future."

Join our fast fashion revolution! Business stationery and cards help reinforce the message and let customers be part of the wider brand goals. The brand identity extends to the Shopify e-commerce store.

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