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Client Spotlight: Light Garden Wellness

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

One year on since their official launch, one of my favourite clients Light Garden Wellness are making a big impact on the premium CBD market. May brings their first retailer (in NYC no less!) plus a host of new products in the pipeline and plans to launch in the UK too. What better time to take a look in detail at the brand identity and packaging I created for them!


Brand Identity

During my research for the project, I concluded that the CBD market is awash with clinical and masculine styled products which seem to focus on science and medicine as the main pull for sales. Light Garden has an altogether different approach, taking the subject of holistic wellness and self-care at the centre of it’s ethos. A bright, but natural, colour palette was important to convey the feeling of relaxation and closeness to the outdoors, and we settled on muted stone, soft black and gold, terracotta and green to reflect sun, earth and plant-life.

The client wanted the logo to touch on retro styling but remain feminine and not to cliche. I used soft, curved letters to add interest and movement, paired with straight edges and tapered ends to maintain a modern look. The star-shaped tittle over the i is a finishing touch to keep connection with the brand name.

The holistic element of the brand is brought in with organic shapes and abstract landscapes to convey the feeling of well-being and calmness, creating a visual symbolisation of the brand strapline ‘finding light in your day’.


One of the most important factors of this project was the packaging design for the core line of products. It needed to stand out on the shelves amongst the range of competitors and speak to the target customer - millennial women with busy lifestyles looking for wellness solutions that understand their needs.

Approaching from a more cosmetic style of packaging design, I created labels and boxes for the products which would feel at home on the bathroom shelf or bedside table. Colour was used to differentiate the product lines and dosages, with focus on the logo and illustrative imagery to help build the brand as a go-to product for CBD.

You can shop the full range from Light Garden at in the US.

The design for Light Garden Brand Packaging was featured in the Best Packaging Designs on DesignRush.

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