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Becoming Mums is a peer-to-peer support service for new mums based in Reading, UK. They offer new mums a space where they can come and talk, listen and be heard, on topics that are all about them.

Those who access Becoming Mums’ services feel invited in by the branding, it aligns with them on a personal level and does not speak to them just as ‘mums’ or patients. By bringing in inspiration from fashion and lifestyle brands, such as bright colour palettes, modern fonts, print design and imagery, the brand sets itself apart from traditional or existing health-based services, occupying it’s own space to give a familiar sense of belonging to it’s members.

Project Deliverables:

Brand Identity


Kendake farms a unique honey from African bees that contains potent qualities intended for consumption and for use in cosmetic products. This combination of natural efficacy and scientific refinement results in high-grade products backed by science in their ability to improve wellbeing.


Socially conscious, connected to African roots and women-owned combine together to create a powerhouse brand that is truly contemporary and modern. Kendake has a lot to say, and communicating the diverse product offering (skincare and edible honey) along with the core messages of the brand is key to its success.


A punchy, modern logo that is unfussy and typographically focused is set against a backdrop of eye-catching and unapologetic use of colour, mixed with geometric shapes and patterns that are a contemporary nod to the brand’s African connections.

Project Deliverables:

Brand Identity


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